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Prospects Ranking
For Open Wheel Road Racing
September 24, 2014

The September ranking features the top 15 American driver prospects for open wheel road racing. The next ranking will appear on November 26, 2014.

  Driver Last Rank
1 Gabby Chaves (Indy Lights)
Clinched the title with three seconds and two thirds to finish out the season.
2 Spencer Pigot (Pro Mazda)
Despite a DNF and fifth in the final two races, his win at Milwaukee and fourth at Mid-Ohio was enough to hang on to the title.
3 Conor Daly (GP2)
Has a disappointing Spa and then lost his ride due to financial issues.
4 Alexander Rossi (GP2)
Remained ride less due to financial issues, but did get a free practice session with Marussia in F1.
5t Matthew Brabham (Indy Lights)
Despite a second at Milwaukee, a disappointing end of season run dropped him to fourth in the final standings.
5t RC Enerson (USF2000)
A win at Mid-Ohio and Sears Point along with a second and third moved him up to second in the final standings.
7 Skylar Robinson (F2000)
Two seconds with one pole at Pittsburgh and two wins from pole at Thompson moved him one spot closer to the championship into second.
8 Jack Eidson (USF2000)
A win at Mid-Ohio and two thirds at Sears Point was not enough to hold on to second, dropping to third in the final standings.
9 Zach Veach (Indy Lights)
A win from pole at Milwaukee along with a second (Mid-Ohio) and third (Sears Point) moved him up to third in the final standings.
10 Luke Gabin (Skip Barber)
Maintained his championship lead with three wins and a second at Putnam Park and Thunderhill.
11 Neil Alberico (Pro Mazda)
Disappointing qualifying down the stretch hampered his efforts but he maintained third in the final standings thanks to a second at Sears Point.
12 Aaron Telitz (USF2000)
A second at Mid-Ohio and Sears Point allowed him to remain in fourth in the final standings.
13 Kyle Kaiser (Pro Mazda)
Despite a win at Sears Point, he fell to sixth in the final standings due to a DQ in the second race.
14 Garth Rickards (F1600)
Thanks to a DNF, he fell to second in the championship despite a second at Pittsburgh and a third and second at Thompson.
15 Michai Stephens (Skip Barber)
He's been red hot lately, finishing second twice at Putnam with two poles, and two wins from pole at Thunderhill, leapfrogging him into the championship runner up spot.
Dropped out: Adrian Starrantino.

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