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For Open Wheel Road Racing
August 26, 2008

The August ranking features the top 15 American driver prospects for open wheel road racing. Here is the press release for this month's ranking. The next ranking will appear September 30, 2008.

  Driver Last Month
1 Jonathan Bomarito (Atlantic)
The hottest driver in August. Started from the front row in all three races with two poles. Scored two wins (Road America and Trois-Rivieres) and a second, leading 79 out of 82 laps (96%), catapulting him from 4th to 1st place in the points. All this with a team that never finished better than 8th in an Atlantic race prior to this year.
2 Jonathan Summerton (Atlantic)
A win (Road America) from 9th starting spot and second (Trois-Rivieres) moves him from third to second in the points, providing an American one-two in the standings.
3 Richard Antinucci (Indy Lights)
Dropped to second in an extremely close points battle thanks to a fourth, third, and seventh place finishes.
4 John Edwards (Star Mazda)
Two poles, two seconds, and a fourth normally doesn't drop you two spots in the ranking, such is the success of the Atlantic drivers. Jumped two spots in the points to 5th place.
5 J.R. Hildebrand (Indy Lights)
Maintains fourth in points thanks to two fourth place finishes at Sears Point.
6 Joel Miller (Star Mazda)
Suffered mechanical woes while leading at Road America. Then, started and finished in the same spot at Trois-Rivieres (fourth) and Mosport (second) to maintain first place in the standings.
7 Jeff Westphal (Pacific F2000)
Two more races, two more wins (Miller). Modus operandi for Westphal virtually clinches the championship even if he doesn't show up for the last weekend.
8 Dane Cameron (Atlantic)
His first Atlantic pole turns into a second (Road America) and combined with a fourth at Trois-Rivieres moves him up one spot in the points to 6th.
9 Josef Newgarden (Skip Barber National)
A fifth and second at Road America (despite two poles) maintains his points lead, but the gap remains extremely small.
10 Conor Daly (Skip Barber National)
Expanded his horizons in August. Notched another Skip Barber win (Road America), moving him into third in the standings. Then raced in F2000 at Mosport where he started on the front row in both races with one pole and two second place finishes behind the series champion.
11 Carl Skerlong (Atlantic)
A poor outing at Trois-Rivieres thanks to a competitor taking his front wing off dropped Skerlong one spot in the points despite a fourth and fifth at Road America.
12 Alexander Rossi (FBMW)
Continues to dominate a thin field with two victories out of three Road America races. Though, he did defeat Adrien Tambay, brought over from FBMW Europe, in those two races.
13 Alex Ardoin (Star Mazda)
Solid top five finishes (fourth, third, and fifth) kept Ardoin in third place for the points battle.
14 Robert Podlesni (Pacific F2000)
Continues to get lost in Westphal's shadow, and this time only managed one second place finish while sliding off track in the other race while leading. Still a solid second in the points with two races to go.
15 Niki Coello (F2000)
Entered his hometown track weekend, Road America, and promptly took pole in both races with one victory. Back to back winner (2005-6) of the SCCA Runoffs in Formula Continental and nearly made it three in a row in 2007 by leading first six laps from pole before his car broke.
Dropped out: Jordan Taylor.

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