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Prospects Ranking
For Open Wheel Road Racing
July 30, 2014

The July ranking features the top 15 American driver prospects for open wheel road racing. The next ranking will appear on September 24, 2014.

  Driver Last Rank
1 Gabby Chaves (Indy Lights)
Won at Pocono and finished second at Toronto to maintain his points lead.
2 Spencer Pigot (Pro Mazda)
Started on the outside of the front row in both races at Houston. After a disappointing eighth, he came back to win the second race to stay first in the standings.
3 Conor Daly (GP2)
Finally got some points by finishing seventh in the sprint race at Hungaroring.
4 Alexander Rossi (GP2)
Lost his ride at Caterham after the change of ownership. Got a one-off with Campos for Germany but nothing for Hungary. He did score some points with a fifth (Austria) and seventh (Germany) in the sprint races.
5 Matthew Brabham (Indy Lights)
A fifth at Pocono and fourth at Toronto was enough to keep him in second place in the standings.
6 RC Enerson (USF2000)
Started both races on the outside of the front row at Toronto. Finished third in the first race but failed to finish in the second, dropping him to third in the points.
7 Zach Veach (Indy Lights)
A pole and a second at Pocono was followed by a fifth at Toronto, moving him one spot in the standings to fourth.
8 Jack Eidson (USF2000)
Notched his first win at Toronto and then followed with a second, moving him up to second in the standings. Also, took a ride in the Skip Barber Series, taking second at Mid-Ohio.
9 Skylar Robinson (F2000)
Dropped one spot to third in the points with a second and DNF at VIR followed by a fifth and fourth at Mid-Ohio.
10 Aaron Telitz (USF2000)
A sixth and a third at Toronto was enough to move him from fifth to fourth in the points.
11 Neil Alberico (Pro Mazda)
He recovered from a DNF in the first Houston race to take second in the other moving him from fourth to third in the standings.
12 Kyle Kaiser (Pro Mazda)
A seventh and 15th at Houston dropped him from third to fifth in the points.
13 Adrian Starrantino (USF2000)
Somehow he stayed in sixth place in the standings after an eighth and DNF at Houston.
14 Luke Gabin (Skip Barber)
Leaped to the top of the standings with two wins at Lime Rock and a win and second at Mid-Ohio.
15 Garth Rickards (F1600)
Took over the points lead despite getting only two out of four podiums (third at VIR and second at Mid-Ohio). Also got a fifth (VIR) and fourth (Mid-Ohio).
Dropped out: Ben Auriemma.

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