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Mosport Coverage:
Connery Leads American 1-2 Finish In Mosport F2000 Opener

Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, July 22 Kyle Connery (8th in the American Driver Ranking) started second, fell back to fourth at the start, and then took advantage of two full course yellows to work his way into the lead when the race was stopped short after 14 of 18 scheduled laps.

Kyle Connery in Action Image Kyle Connery started second, fell back to fourth, and then won the race.

"It was a good clean race to get by all those guy," Connery said. "My dad couldn't be here this weekend, but he'll be pleased to know we got the big one that says Mosport on it."

Canadian Remy Audette was on the pole with Chris Livengood (ranked 12th) in the third starting spot. Audette held the lead at the start as Livengood slotted in behind him. Connery slid back to fourth, behind Masters Division driver Tim Minor. Livengood then moved into the lead on the second lap.

"I was able to get the clean start I wanted, raced Remy hard," Livengood said. "Raced him hard into 8 and got by him."

"Chris and Remy got a really good start," Connery said. "I just didn't get off the line well at the start. I got behind Tim."

Livengood began to open a gap from Audette until the first full course yellow came out on the eighth lap.

Chris Livengood Leads Remy Audette Image Chris Livengood (37) leads Remy Audette in the early going.

"The yellow screwed me up," Livengood said. "Up until the first caution the race was everything I wanted it to be."

Just before the yellow came out, Connery finally worked his way past Minor, who seemed to be holding the young American up, as both were losing ground to the lead duo.

"I knew I had to get past him if I was going to have any shot at getting back to the leaders," Connery said. "Once I got past him and we had the full course yellow, I was able to stack back up with the leaders again and get back on their gearboxes."

The green flag came back out on the 11th lap, and Connery pounced on Audette.

"Once the restart came, I saw Remy in front of me, and the first thing that popped into my mind was, 'Oh, championship, we got to get ahead of him,'" Connery said. "I just got a great restart, kept the tires clean, and got past him in 2.

"Once I saw Chris, I started setting my eyes on him. Tried to set a good consistent pace getting out of Turn 6 cleanly, so I could get a good run down the back straightaway. He made a move to the right, and I went back left, and he stayed to the right about mid track. I took one shot at it and dove underneath him and pulled off the pass."

Livengood said, "The car was just a bit greasy. Kyle did a great job getting around me, and then I didn't have enough laps to get the tires back under me."

Once again, Connery's timing was perfect. Shortly after the pass for the lead, the full course yellow came out again. This time, with a tire wall needing repair, and the 30-minute time limit rapidly approaching, the officials checkered the field as they completed the 14th lap behind the pace car.

Further back in the pack, Zach Craigo moved up from a 10th starting spot to finish sixth.

The F2000 Championship Series completes their doubleheader at Mosport International Raceway with qualifying Saturday morning followed by the race at suppertime.

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