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Long Beach Coverage:
Day Two
FIL Long Beach Qualifying: A Tale of Two Grids

Long Beach, Calif., April 18 — Grid one had some exciting possibilities with Americans JR Hildebrand and Jonathan Bomarito in the front row. After the morning qualifying session, this is what we thought the grid for Sunday’s race was going to look:

Pole Hildebrand 2nd Bomarito
3rd Wilson 4th Hinchcliffe
5th Summerton 6th Philippe
7th Beatriz 8th Plowman

I started writing my qualifying story and suddenly get an email from a colleague asking me what's going on with Indy Lights. Turns out, Bomarito's fastest lap supposedly took place under yellow, so it was disallowed. Due to the peculiarities of the Indy Lights qualifying rules, there will be slower drivers ahead of faster drivers, and the grid is supposed to look like this:

Pole Hildebrand 2nd Hinchcliffe
3rd Wilson 4th Philippe
5th Summerton 6th Plowman
7th Beatriz 8th Bomarito

But, who knows? As far as we can tell, there will be Americans in first, fifth, eighth, 13th (Herrington), 16th (Guthrie), 18th (Kimball), and 24th (Prendeville). Knowing Long Beach as we do, we think that only Hildebrand, Summerton, and Bomarito among the Americans have a chance to win tomorrow.

So tune in to the Versus coverage on Monday if you want to see it on TV. Otherwise, log on for live coverage over the web tomorrow morning at 9:40 AM Pacific time.

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