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Mosport American Le Mans Series 1999 Thumbnails
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Click on the thumbnail to view a full size image. Be patient, as some larger images may take a little while to load. This page contains all the non-prototype photos -- GTS and GT cars, the open wheel support races, and the Mosport track. For the prototype photos go to the first thumbnail page.

A Gaggle of Porsches

Schumacher Porsche Thumbnail
Not That Schumacher
Porsche Door Thumbnail
The Snow Racing GTS Porsche
Porsche Side Thumbnail
The Team A.R.E. GT Porsche
Rennsport Porsche Thumbnail
The Rennsport GT Porsche

The GTS Vipers

Viper Thumbnail
Team Oreca Crosses The Pond
Viper Front 1 Thumbnail
The Team Car
Viper Front 2 Thumbnail
The Viper Sheds Its Skin
Viper Exiting Pits Thumbnail
Slithering Onto The Track

Other GT's

Saleen Mustang Thumbnail
Home Improvement Saleen Mustang
BMW GT Thumbnail
This BMW Stayed
GT Viper Thumbnail
The "Slower" Viper
Blue GT Viper Thumbnail
The Blue GT Viper

Open Wheel Support Races

FF1600 Pregrid Thumbnail
Formula Ford 1600
Melanie Paterson Thumbnail
Melanie Paterson
Pro Vee Thumbnail
Pro Vee
FV Crash Thumbnail
And He Walked Away

Mosport International Raceway

Pit Lineup Thumbnail
Chomping At The Bit
Turn 2 Thumbnail
The Infamous Turn 2
Turn 3 Thumbnail
The Sweeping Turn 3
Entering Turn 2 Thumbnail
Coming Into View

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Photos taken with a KODAK DC210 Plus Zoom Digital Camera.

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