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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

Vanderbilt Cup Winners

The Willie K. Vanderbilt Years
Year  Driver  Car  MPH  Location
1904  George Heath  Panhard  52.2  Long Island
1905  Victor Hemery  Darracq  61.5  Long Island
1906  Louis Wagner  Darracq  61.43  Long Island
1908  George Robertson  Locomobile  64.39  Long Island
1909  Harry Grant  ALCO  62.77  Long Island
1910  Harry Grant  ALCO  65.183  Long Island
1911  Ralph Mulford  Lozier  73.390  Savannah
1912  Ralph DePalma  Mercedes  68.962  Milwaukee
1914  Ralph DePalma  Schroeder-Merc.  75.49  Santa Monica
1915  Dario Resta  Peugeot  66.443  San Francisco
1916  Dario Resta  Peugeot  86.990  Santa Monica

The George Vanderbilt Years
Year  Driver  Car  MPH  Location
1936  Tazio Nuvolari  V-12 Alfa Romeo  65.998  Roosevelt R'way
1937  Bernd Rosemeyer  Auto Union  82.564  Roosevelt R'way

The Cornelius Vanderbilt Years
Year  Driver  Car  MPH  Location
1960  Harry Carter  Stanguellini  74.95  Roosevelt R'way

The US 500 Years
Year  Driver  Car  MPH  Location
1996  Jimmy Vasser  Reynard-Honda  156.403  Michigan
1997  Alex Zanardi  Reynard-Honda  167.044  Michigan
1998  Greg Moore  Reynard-Mercedes  165.913  Michigan
1999  Tony Kanaan  Reynard-Honda  186.097  Michigan

The CART/Champ Car Champion Years
Year  Driver  Car  Wins  Team
2000  Gil de Ferran  Reynard-Honda  2  Penske Racing
2001  Gil de Ferran  Reynard-Honda  2  Penske Racing
2002  Cristiano da Matta  Lola-Toyota  7  Newman-Haas
2003  Paul Tracy  Lola-Ford  7  Players-Forsythe
2004  Sebastien Bourdais  Lola-Ford  7  Newman/Haas
2005  Sebastien Bourdais  Lola-Ford  6  Newman/Haas
2006  Sebastien Bourdais  Lola-Ford  7  Newman/Haas
2007  Sebastien Bourdais  Panoz-Cosworth  8  Newman/Haas

The 1912 Milwaukee Races: Vanderbilt Cup and Grand Prize
by Joel E. Finn
The 1912 Milwaukee Races: Vanderbilt Cup and Grand Prize Book
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Vanderbilt Cup Race: 1936 & 1937 Photo Archive (Photo Archive Series)
by Brock Yates
Vanderbilt Cup Race Book
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Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island (Images of Sports: New York)
by Howard Kroplick
Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island Book
Order this book today

The Long Island Motor Parkway (NY) (Images of America)
by Howard Kroplick
The Long Island Motor Parkway Book
Order this book today

Real Road Racing, The Santa Monica Road Races
by Harold Osmer & Phil Harms
Real Road Racing, The Santa Monica Road Races Book
Order this book today

Thunder at Sunrise: A History of the Vanderbilt Cup, the Grand Prize And the Indianapolis 500, 1904-1916
by John M. Burns
Thunder at Sunrise Book
Order this book today

Vanderbilt Tidbits

1904: Willie K. Vanderbilt creates a major international auto race in the US to inspire the American manufacturers to compete against the Europeans. Vanderbilt donates the cup for the winner. Though George Heath is an American, the winning car is French, and thus the victory is considered a foreign win. Riding mechanic Carl Mensel is killed. 1906: Spectator Curt L. Grueber killed. 1907: Due to previous crowd control problems, the race is canceled while the Long Island Motor Parkway, the first limited access highway in the world, is built for future races. 1908: The Locomobile Type 1906, later nicknamed "Old 16," becomes the first American car to win a major international auto race. 1910: Riding mechanics Charles Miller and Mathew Bacon killed in separate crashes. 1911: Jay McNay killed during practice. 1912: David Bruce-Brown killed during practice. 1914: Race postponed five days due to rain. 1936: The Vanderbilt Cup is revived thanks to the efforts of George Robertson. George Vanderbilt, nephew of Willie K., donates a new Cup for the winner. Track turns out to be a "Mickey Mouse" farce with numerous turns and short straights. 1937: Race postponed two days due to rain. 1960: The race is once again revived in the parking lots of Roosevelt Field with a Formula Junior race with such drivers as Jim Rathmann, Rodger Ward, Jim Hall, Roger Penske, Carroll Shelby, Walt Hansgen, and the Rodriguez brothers. Cornelius Vanderbilt, another nephew of Willie K., donates a new Cup for the winner. 1996: CART gains the rights to the Vanderbilt Cup, commissions a new one similar to the original, and awards it to the winner of the US 500. The first year sees a 12 car pileup before the start. The race is red flagged, and restarted with many drivers using their backup cars. 1999: Tony Kanaan beats Juan Montoya by 0.032 seconds after leader Max Papis runs out of fuel on last corner. 2000: Vanderbilt Cup is awarded to the CART/Champ Car season champion, replacing the PPG Cup.
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