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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

United States Grand Prix Winners
Year  Driver  Car  MPH  Location
1908  Louis Wagner  FIAT  65.11  Savannah
1910  David Bruce-Brown  Benz  70.55  Savannah
1911  David Bruce-Brown  FIAT  74.45  Savannah
1912  Caleb Bragg  FIAT  68.4  Milwaukee
1914  Eddie Pullen  Mercer  77.32  Santa Monica
1915  Dario Resta  Peugeot  56.13  San Francisco
1916  Howdy Wilcox  IMS Peugeot  85.551  Santa Monica
1959  Bruce McLaren  Cooper T51  98.83  Sebring
1960  Stirling Moss  Lotus 18  99.00  Riverside
1961  Innes Ireland  Lotus 21  103.17  Watkins Glen
1962  Jim Clark  Lotus 25  108.61  Watkins Glen
1963  Graham Hill  BRM P57  109.90  Watkins Glen
1964  Graham Hill  BRM P261  111.10  Watkins Glen
1965  Graham Hill  BRM P261  107.98  Watkins Glen
1966  Jim Clark  Lotus 43  114.90  Watkins Glen
1967  Jim Clark  Lotus 49  120.95  Watkins Glen
1968  Jackie Stewart  Matra MS10  124.89  Watkins Glen
1969  Jochen Rindt  Lotus 49B  126.36  Watkins Glen
1970  Emerson Fittipaldi  Lotus 72C  126.79  Watkins Glen
1971  Francois Cevert  Tyrrell 002  115.09  Watkins Glen
1972  Jackie Stewart  Tyrrell 005  117.483  Watkins Glen
1973  Ronnie Peterson  Lotus 72  118.055  Watkins Glen
1974  Carlos Reutemann  Brabham BT44  119.12  Watkins Glen
1975  Niki Lauda  Ferrari 312T  116.10  Watkins Glen
1976  Clay Regazzoni  Ferrari 312T  85.57  Long Beach (W)
 James Hunt  McLaren M23  116.427  Watkins Glen (E)
1977  Mario Andretti  Lotus 78/Ford  86.89  Long Beach (W)
 James Hunt  McLaren M23  100.98  Watkins Glen (E)
1978  Carlos Reutemann  Ferrari 312T-3  87.100  Long Beach (W)
 Carlos Reutemann  Ferrari 312T-3  118.58  Watkins Glen (E)
1979  Gilles Villeneuve  Ferrari 312T-4  88.363  Long Beach (W)
 Gilles Villeneuve  Ferrari 312T-4  106.48  Watkins Glen (E)
1980  Nelson Piquet  Brabham BT49  88.452  Long Beach (W)
 Alan Jones  Williams FW07  126.37  Watkins Glen (E)
1981  Alan Jones  Williams FW07  88.152  Long Beach (W)
 Alan Jones  Williams FW07  97.728  Las Vegas
1982  Niki Lauda  McLaren MP4  81.583  Long Beach (W)
 John Watson  McLaren MP4  78.144  Detroit (E)
 Michele Alboreto  Tyrell 011  100.114  Las Vegas
1983  John Watson  McLaren MP4  80.629  Long Beach (W)
 Michele Alboreto  Tyrrell 011  81.162  Detroit (E)
1984  Nelson Piquet  Brabham BT53  81.682  Detroit (E)
Keke Rosberg  Williams FW09  80.289
 Dallas (W)
1985  Keke Rosberg  Williams FW10  81.706
1986  Ayrton Senna  Lotus 98T  84.975
1987  Ayrton Senna  Lotus 99T  85.700
1988  Ayrton Senna  McLaren MP4  82.225
1989  Alain Prost  McLaren MP4  87.373
1990  Ayrton Senna  McLaren MP4  90.589
1991  Ayrton Senna  McLaren MP4  93.003
2000  Michael Shumacher  Ferrari F1-2000  118.203
2001  Mika Hakkinen  McLaren MP4-16  123.055
2002  Rubens Barrichello  Ferrari F2002  125.191
2003  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari F2003  121.890
2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari F2004  113.523
2005  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari F2005  127.168
2006  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari 248 F1  120.644
2007  Lewis Hamilton  McLaren-Mercedes  125.155
2012  Lewis Hamilton  McLaren-Mercedes  119.870
2013  Sebastian Vettel  Red Bull-Renault  115.807
2014  Lewis Hamilton  Mercedes AMG  114.888
2015  Lewis Hamilton  Mercedes AMG  103.699
2016  Lewis Hamilton  Mercedes AMG  117.262

For a complete database of statistics for the World Driving Championship years (from 1950 on) go to Forix.

American Grand Prix Racing; A Century of Drivers and Cars
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American Grand Prix Book
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The United States Grand Prix and grand prize races, 1908-1977
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United States Grand Prix Book
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Formula One at Watkins Glen: 20 Years of the United States Grand Prix
by Michael Argetsinger
Formula One at Watkins Glen
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Sunshine, Speed and a Surprise: The 1959 Grand Prix of the United States
by Joel E Finn
The Sunshine, Speed and Surprise Book
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Phil Hill, Yankee Champion: First American to Win the Driving Championship of the World
by William F. Nolan
Phil Hill, Yankee Champion Book
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The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit
by Michael Cannell
The Limit Book
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USGP Tidbits

1908-1916: Called the United States Grand Prize. 1910: The longest USGP at 415.2 miles. 1912: Two time defending champion, David Bruce-Brown, is killed while practicing at Milwaukee. 1916: Winning speed is virtually identical to the first Long Beach winner -- sixty years later. 1960-1968: British drivers win nine consecutive USGP. 1971: The long course is built at Watkins Glen, expanding the track length from 2.3 miles to 3.377 miles. 1975: Niki Lauda becomes first driver to win the USGP and World Driving Championship in the same year. It has happened 10 other times: 1976, 1980, 1988-1991, 2000, 2003-2004, and 2013. 1977: Mario Andretti becomes the first and only American driver to win a USGP in the modern World Driving Championship era. 1991: Ayrton Senna wins his fifth USGP, more than any other driver until Michael Schumacher wins five. 2000: The USGP returns after a nine year gap in front of perhaps the largest crowd in F1 history. 2002: Michael Schumacher slows down to apparently allow Rubens Barrichello to take the win by just .011 seconds. 2005: All of the teams using Michelin tires chose not to start the race due to Michelin's concern for safety of their tire. 2006: Michael Schumacher becomes first driver to win USGP four consecutive times. 2012: The USGP returns after a five year gap at a facility built specifically for F1.
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