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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

Trans-Am Drivers' and Manufacturers' Champions
Year Driver Champion   Manufacturer Champion
1966 H. Kwech/G. Andrey*   Ford
1967 Jerry Titus*   Ford
1968 Mark Donohue*   Chevrolet
1969 Mark Donohue*   Chevrolet
1970 Parnelli Jones*   Ford
1971 Mark Donohue   American Motors
1972 George Follmer   American Motors
1973 Peter Gregg   Chevrolet
1974 Peter Gregg   Porsche
1975 John Greenwood   Chevrolet
1976 Jocko Maggiacomo (I)   American Motors
George Follmer (II)   Porsche
1977 Bob Tullius (I)   Porsche
Ludwig Heimrath, Sr. (II)   Porsche
1978 Bob Tullius (I)   Jaguar
Greg Pickett (II)   Chevrolet
1979 Gene Bothello (I)   Chevrolet
John Paul, Sr. (II)   Porsche
1980 John Bauer   Chevrolet
1981 Eppie Wietzes   Chevrolet
1982 Elliott Forbes-Robinson   Pontiac
1983 David Hobbs   Chevrolet
1984 Tom Gloy   Lincoln-Mercury
1985 Wally Dallenbach, Jr.   Lincoln-Mercury
1986 Wally Dallenbach, Jr.   Lincoln-Mercury Merkur
1987 Scott Pruett   Lincoln-Mercury Merkur
1988 Hurley Haywood   Audi
1989 Dorsey Schroeder   Ford
1990 Tom Kendall   Chevrolet
1991 Scott Sharp   Chevrolet
1992 Jack Baldwin   Chevrolet
1993 Scott Sharp   Chevrolet
1994 Scott Pruett   Ford
1995 Tom Kendall   Chevrolet
1996 Tom Kendall   Ford
1997 Tom Kendall   Ford
1998 Paul Gentilozzi   Chevrolet
1999 Paul Gentilozzi   Ford
2000 Brian Simo   De Tomaso
2001 Paul Gentilozzi   Jaguar
2002 Boris Said   Ford Mustang
2003 Scott Pruett   Jaguar
2004 Paul Gentilozzi   Jaguar
2005 Klaus Graf   Jaguar
2006 Paul Gentilozzi*   Jaguar*
2009 Tomy Drissi   Jaguar
2010 Tony Ave   Chevrolet
2011 Tony Ave   Chevrolet
2012 Simon Gregg (TA)   Chevrolet
Bob Stretch (TA2)   Chevrolet
Chuck Cassaro (GGT)    
2013 Doug Peterson (TA)   Chevrolet
Cameron Lawrence (TA2)   Chevrolet
Chuck Cassaro (TA3-A)   Porsche (TA3)
C. David Seuss (TA3-I)    
2014 Doug Peterson (TA)   Chevrolet
Cameron Lawrence (TA2)   Chevrolet
Ernie Francis, Jr. (TA3-A)   Chevrolet
Jerry Greene (TA3-I)   Chevrolet
2015 Amy Ruman (TA)   Chevrolet
Gar Robinson (TA2)   Chevrolet
Ernie Francis, Jr. (TA3-A)   Chevrolet
Lee Saunders (TA3-I)   Dodge
2016 Amy Ruman (TA)   Chevrolet
Tony Buffomante (TA2)   Ford
Randy Mueller (TA3)   BMW
Ernie Francis, Jr. (TA4)   Ford

* - Driver's Championship was not officially installed until the 1971 season. Thus, these are unofficial driver champions. No titles were awarded in 2006.

Trans-Am: The Pony Car Wars 1966-1971
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The Trans-Am Era: 1966-1972 in Photographs
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Trans-Am (World of Racing)
by Sylvia Wilkinson
Trans-Am (World of Racing) Book
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The Cars of Trans-Am Racing: 1966-1972
by David Tom
The Cars of Trans-Am Racing: 1966-1972 Book
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Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed
by Michael Argetsinger
Mark Donohue Book
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The Unfair Advantage
by Mark Donohue, Paul Van Valkenburgh
Unfair Advantage Book
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Trans Am Tidbits
1966: First Trans-Am race held on March 25 is won by Austrian formula one driver, Jochen Rindt, in an Alfa GTA at Sebring. 1967: Dan Gurney beats Parnelli Jones in the closest Trans Am race at Green Valley Raceway by three feet. 1968: Mark Donohue won 10 of 12 races, including eight in a row. 1970: Parnelli Jones beats Mark Donohue by one point. 1974: Only three races are run. 1976-1979: The series is split into two categories -- the slower Category I and faster higher tech Category II. 1977: Championship decided in the courts as Peter Gregg's Category II win at Mosport was disallowed, reinstated, and finally disallowed. 1978: Bob Tullius wins the last seven races in a row in Category I. 1982: Paul Newman's first of two career Trans-Am wins comes at Brainerd. His other win is at Lime Rock in 1986. 1985: Youngest driver champion at age 22. 1988: Only all-wheel drive car to win the manufacturers' title. 1997: Tom Kendall wins a record 11 consecutive races (longest documentable win streak in world-wide professional road racing) en route to a record third straight championship and a record fourth overall. 1998: Paul Gentilozzi becomes second driver to win back-to-back championships driving different cars (Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang Cobra). Wally Dallenbach Jr. was first to do it in 1985-86 (Capri, Camaro). 2004: Paul Gentilozzi becomes second driver to win four championships. Closest finish ever -- Gentilozzi ties Tommy Kendall on points; wins tie-breaker of most wins (5-2). 2007: The Trans-Am Series was put on hiatus for two years. 2011: Amy Ruman becomes first woman to win Trans-Am race (Road Atlanta). 2012: The series is split into three classes. No GGT manufacturer champion is awarded. 2013: The series is split into four classes, but only one TA3 overall manufacturer champion is awarded in 2013. 2015: Amy Ruman is first woman to win a North American pro series championship.
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