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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

Formula Atlantic Champions
Year Driver Chassis Wins
1974  Bill Brack  Lotus 59/69 4
1975  Bill Brack  Chevron B29 1
1976  Gilles Villeneuve (IMSA)  March 76B 4
 Gilles Villeneuve (CASC)  March 76B 5
1977  Gilles Villeneuve  March 76B 3
1978  Howdy Holmes  March 76B 2
1979  Tom Gloy  Ralt RT-1 1
1980  Jacques Villeneuve  March 80A 4
1981  Jacques Villeneuve  March 81A 4
1982  Dave McMillan  Ralt RT-4 1
1983  Michael Andretti  Ralt RT-4 3
1984  Dan Marvin  Ralt RT-4 5
1985  Jeff Wood (West)  Ralt RT-4 4
 Michael Angus (East)  Ralt RT-4 1
1986  Ted Prappas (West)  Ralt RT-4 4
 Scott Goodyear (East)  Ralt RT-4 5
1987  Johnny O'Connell (West)  Ralt RT-4 4
 Calvin Fish (East)  Ralt RT-4 3
1988  Dean Hall (West)  Swift DB-4 5
 Steve Shelton (East)  Swift DB-4 3
1989  Hiro Matsushita (West)  Swift DB-4 4
 Jocko Cunningham (East)  Swift DB-4 4
1990  Mark Dismore (West)  Swift DB-4 7
 Brian Till (East)  Swift DB-4 3
1991  Jovy Marcelo  Swift DB-4 2
1992  Chris Smith  Swift DB-4 3
1993  David Empringham  Ralt RT-41 1
1994  David Empringham  Ralt RT-41 2
1995  Richie Hearn  Ralt RT-41 3
1996  Patrick Carpentier  Ralt RT-41 9
1997  Alex Barron  Ralt RT-41 5
1998  Lee Bentham  Swift 008.a 2
1999  Anthony Lazzaro  Swift 008.a 4
2000  Buddy Rice  Swift 008.a 5
2001  Hoover Orsi  Swift 008.a 5
2002  Jon Fogarty  Swift 014.a 2
2003  A.J. Allmendinger  Swift 014.a 7
2004  Jon Fogarty  Swift 014.a 6
2005  Charles Zwolsman  Swift 014.a 3
2006  Simon Pagenaud  Swift 016.a 1
2007  Raphael Matos  Swift 016.a 6
2008  Markus Niemelä  Swift 016.a 2
2009  John Edwards  Swift 016.a 4
2012  David Grant  Swift 014.a 4
2014  Daniel Burkett  Swift 016 7
2015  Keith Grant  Swift 016 5
2016  Ryan Norman  Swift 016 8
2017  Peter Portante  Swift 016 8

Drivers' Records (through 2009)
 Wins Poles
 15  Mark Dismore 14  Gilles Villeneuve
 13  Gilles Villeneuve 14  Steve Shelton
 13  Claude Bourbonnais 12  Jimmy Vasser
 12   Patrick Carpentier 11  Jacques Villeneuve*
 11   David Empringham 11  Claude Bourbonnais
 10   Dan Marvin 11  Patrick Carpentier
 10   Jacques Villeneuve* 10  Jon Fogarty
* - Brother of Gilles Villeneuve
Non-championship wins/poles included in totals.

Manufacturers' Records (through 2009)
 Chassis Wins  
 227  Swift  
 159  Ralt  
 41  March  
 9  Lola  
 8  Chevron  
 8  Reynard  
 3  Lotus  
Non-championship wins included in totals.
Atlantic Archives
1976: Two series were run -- one in the US sanctioned by IMSA and one in Canada sanctioned by CASC. 1976: The most famous race took place at Trois-Rivières, consisting of imported Formula 1 drivers James Hunt (eventual World Champion that year), Alan Jones, Vittorio Brambilla, and Patrick Depailler. The race was won by regular Atlantic competitor, Gilles Villeneuve. 1976: Gilles Villeneuve wins nine races in ten starts. 1980-81: This is Gilles younger brother, not his son. 1984: After the FIA's attempt to globalize Formula Atlantic into Formula Mundial left the class in shambles, a Western sub-series, started the year before, was all that was left in the US, becaming by de-facto the premier Atlantic championship. 1985-90: An Eastern series began thus splitting the championship. 1988: First oval race was run at Milwaukee won by Jocko Cunningham. 1991: The series is unified into one national championship. 1996: Patrick Carpentier wins a record eight consecutive races, all from the pole, and record tying nine for the season. 2003: A.J. Allmendinger wins all of his seven races from the pole. Ties record for most poles (9) with Gilles Villeneuve. Jonathan Macri completes every lap. 2004: Jon Fogarty becomes the first driver to win more than one championships that were not consecutive. 2005: Katherine Legge becomes first woman to win an Atlantics race. 2012: After series folds after 2009, Formula Race Promotions starts new series sanctioned by SCCA. It folds after one year, but then is revived in 2014. 2017: Series is sanctioned by USAC.
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