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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

"Racing runs by rules sometimes so restrictive that it's sometimes hard to tell where the book ends and the sport begins. Can-Am racing is a relief from the iron band of the rule book."
Mark Donohue

Can Am Start

Rolling Thunder: Very few things pounded your senses like the start of a Can-Am race during its heyday like this first lap at Edmonton in 1973.Copyright © 2004 by .

Can-Am Champions
Year Driver Chassis Wins
1966  John Surtees (GB)  Lola-Chevrolet 3
1967  Bruce McLaren (NZ)  McLaren-Chevrolet 2
1968  Dennis Hulme (NZ)  McLaren-Chevrolet 3
1969  Bruce McLaren (NZ)  McLaren-Chevrolet 6
1970  Dennis Hulme (NZ)  McLaren-Chevrolet 6
1971  Peter Revson (USA)  McLaren-Chevrolet 5
1972  George Follmer (USA)  Porsche 5
1973  Mark Donohue (USA)  Porsche 6
1974  Jackie Oliver (GB)  Shadow-Chevrolet 4
1977  Patrick Tambay (FRA)  Lola-Chevrolet 6
1978  Alan Jones (AUS)  Lola-Chevrolet 5
1979  Jacky Ickx (BEL)  Lola-Chevrolet 5
1980  Patrick Tambay (FRA)  Lola-Chevrolet 6
1981  Geoff Brabham (AUS)  Lola-Chevrolet 2
1982  Al Unser, Jr. (USA)  Galles-Chevrolet 4
1983  Jacques Villeneuve (CDN)  Frisbee-Chevrolet 3
1984  Michael Roe (IRE)  VDS-Chevrolet 7
1985  Rick Miaskiewicz (USA)  Frissbee-Chevrolet 3
1986  Horst Kroll (CDN)  Frissbee-Chevrolet 1

2-Liter Champions
Year Driver Chassis Wins
1979  Tim Evans (USA)  Lola-Ford 6
1980  Gary Gove (USA)  Ralt-Hart 8
1981  Jim Trueman (USA)  Ralt-Hart 7
1982  Bertil Roos (USA)  Marquey-Hart 5
1983  Bertil Roos (USA)  Marquey/Scandia-Hart 3
1984  Kim Campbell (USA)  March-BMW 4
1985  Lou Sell (USA)  March-BMW 2

Drivers' Records
 Wins Championships
 22  Denny Hulme 2  Bruce McLaren (1967, 1969)
 12  Patrick Tambay 2  Denny Hulme (1968, 1970)
 10  Al Holbert 2  Patrick Tambay (1977, 1980)
  9  Bruce McLaren  
  9  Mark Donohue  
  7  George Follmer  
  7  Michael Roe  

Manufacturers' Records
 Chassis Wins Engine Wins
 43  McLaren 134  Chevrolet
 38  Lola  16  Porsche
 16  Porsche   3  Ford
 15  Frissbee   2  BMW
 12  VDS  

"Maybe, like shining Camelot and Woodstock, the Can-Am could only have happened when it did."
Pete Lyons

by Pete Lyons
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Can-Am Photo History
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CAN-AM The Speed Odyssey
CAN-AM The Speed Odyssey DVD
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Chaparral Can-Am and Prototype Race Cars
by Dave Friedman
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Chaparral: Can-Am Racing Cars from Texas
by Karl Ludvigsen
Chaparral: Can-Am Racing Cars from Texas Book
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Can-Am Racing 1966-1969 (Brooklands Road Test Books)
by R. M. Clarke
Can-Am Racing 1966-1969 Book
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Can-Am Racing 1970-1974 (Brooklands Road Test Books)
by R. M. Clarke
Can-Am Racing 1970-1974 Book
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Can-Am Clips
1966: The Can-Am, which evolved from the United States Road Racing Championship (USRRC), with its "almost anything goes" philosophy, debuts, creating some of the greatest sports racers ever seen on the track. John Surtees wins first ever Can-Am race on the Mont Tremblant circuit in St. Jovite, Quebec. 1969: At Road America, Bruce McLaren beats teammate Denny Hulme by .01 seconds in the closest finish in series history. 1969: So dominating were Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme after the first qualifying session at Bridgehampton, that the entire team skipped the afternoon qualifying session to go water skiing. 1970: Jim Hall debuts his Chaparral 2J Ground Effects Vehicle at Watkins Glen. A.K.A., The Fan Car. One of the most bizarre creations in racing history. 1973: Mark Donohue debuts the all powerful Porsche 917/30 capable of racing with 1,100 hp (with 1,500 hp seen on the dyno) and wins the last six races in a row as Porsche ends the McLaren era. And effectively, the Can-Am. 1974: Jackie Oliver wins four of the five events, the first four in a row. The final race in Riverside is canceled, and the series is suspended. 1977: The Can-Am returns after a two hiatus. However, this time the series is restricted -- some would say strangled -- to a 5-liter engine maximum, and essentially full-bodied F5000 and Indy cars. Patrick Tambay wins six of the last seven races. 1979: A 2-liter class is formed. 1980: Patrick Tambay wins the first six races he enters. 1983: This Jacques Villenueve is the brother of Gilles, and the uncle of the younger Jacques. 1984: Michael Roe sets Can-Am season records for wins (7), pole positions (10), and fastest race laps (10). 1985: Lou Sell becomes first 2-liter entrant to win a Can-Am race outright, taking the overall victory at St. Petersburg. He'll repeat that feat the following year in St. Louis. 1986: Paul Tracy becomes the youngest winner at the age of 17 in the second Mosport event. Only four events are held and there is no 2-liter class champion awarded as interest in the Can-Am wanes, eventually leading to its demise.
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