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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

Vintage History Links

Title Comments
Vintage & Historic Racers Web A shared resource for vintage and historic racers on the Net, most of whom are on the Vintage Race mailing list, a discussion list for any topics related to vintage racing. The list is open to all vintage and historic racers, and anyone else interested in watching or getting started in vintage and historic racing. Members at all levels, from workers and drivers, to club presidents.
Yesterday's Racers Concentrates on historic motor racing. From old Formula 1 cars to pre-war Bugattis and Bentleys. If it's old and still races, then it'll be here.
Historic Racing A simple site set up to aid people start racing with historic racing cars & motorcycles. Also includes history searches.

Title Comments
Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) One of the more popular vintage road racing organizations. They put on some of the top vintage events in the country.
Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) Another major player in the vintage road racing scene.
Historic Grand Prix Pust on historic Formula One events.
Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) "The primary objective of the sport of vintage and historic automobile racing is to promote the preservation of these cars in a racing format that emphasizes safety."
Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) The official site of the VSCCA, a club whose emphasis is on rare and unusual sports & racing cars including pre-war and certain post war cars pre-1960.
Historic Motor Sports Assocation (HMSA) Their purpose is to encourage the restoration, preservation, and use of historic, sports, and racing cars.
Vintage Drivers Club of America (VDCA) VDCA returns to the roots of the sport which is about cars competing in the form they would have been presented in the era that they were raced.
Vintage Formula Car Association The Vintage Formula Car Association has the expressed purpose of promoting single seater cars within the vintage racing community.
Historic Trans Am The intent of the Historic Trans Am Group is to recreate the original Trans-Am racing series as it appeared from 1966 to 1972.
Historic Stock Car Racing Series An organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and continued competition of former NASCAR stock cars.
Golden Wheels (Auto Racing Pathfinders) Golden Wheels was formed in 1976 as a non-profit organization. The object of this club is to encourage the sport of vintage auto racing within the membership of Golden Wheels Fraternity.
SOVREN The Society Of Vintage Racing ENthusiasts, is a Seattle-based non-profit racing organization boasting members throughout Washington, Oregon and British Columbia who are owners and admirers of older sports cars with racing histories. They put on the Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Races.
Western Racing Association Originally a sanctioning body for sprint cars in California and Arizona before WWII, it was reincorporated in 1982 by a group of former WRA members. It is now a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation of antique automobile racing cars and fellowship.
Atlantic Coast Old Timers Auto Racing Club ACOT is dedicated to the preservation of racing history. The membership is made up of those who have been or are currently involved in auto racing, own restored vehicles, or have a genuine interest in preserving racing history. Geared towards short track.
Antique Auto Racing Association AARA started in 1973 and was the first vintage oval track organization. They still put on events in Ohio and Michigan dedicated to the Big Cars, Sprint Cars, Midgets, and Speedsters.
Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club "Dedicated to the restoration, preservation and to the actual competition of vintage stock cars. These are authentic steel bodied cars, in many cases the original car, that raced the many tracks of New York State."
SOVREN Society Of Vintage Racing ENthusiasts, is a Seattle-based non-profit racing organization who are owners and admirers of older sports cars with racing histories.
Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada Canada's vintage racing body. Recognizes cars in all categories -- sports, production, formula, etc.
Classic Saloon Car Club of Great Britain Runs four separate championships for classic/historic Touring Cars.
Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia The oldest active car club in NSW, provides a variety of services for members, including social, touring and racing events, a monthly magazine as well as regular forums for members to discuss current issues and swap ideas.
Vintage Speedcar Association, NSW Preserving old Speedway Cars in New South Wales, Australia.

Title Comments
Monterey Historic Automobile Races The official event site for the top historic event in America.
Pittsburgh Vintage The official web site for the famous Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.
Grand Prix Festival of Watkins Glen The annual reenactment of the street race through the Village of Watkins Glen.
Intercontinental Events, Inc. Brian Redman's international autosports marketing company. From this web site, you will be able to access the various events they host and sponsor, including the Merrill Lynch - Brian Redman Award Series, The Jefferson 500, and the Targa 66 Club.
Goodwood Festival of Speed The top historic event in the world. Also, the Goodwood Revival.
Vintage Open Wheel Celebration The largest gathering of vintage open wheel race cars in the country, featuring midget racecars, sprint cars, champ cars, and Indy Cars. Held annually at New Hampshire International Speedway.
Legends of Ascot The Legends of Ascot was formed to honor and remember those who were truly racing legends in their day. Held at Perris Auto Speedway, California.
Augusta Vintage Nationals Celebrating Georgia's racing heritage at the featuring former Augusta International Speedway drivers, vintage race cars, and memorabilia.
Historic Winton/Austin 7 Club Combined site from Melbourne, Australia. The Historic Winton is Australia's premier historic racing event put on by the Austin 7 Club, an organization dedicated their owners.
Classic Rallies Devoted to information on classic rally events throughout the world and the associated support, including classic cars and vintage racing.

Title Comments
Leydon Restorations Specialists in the restoration of high end vintage Grand Prix racing machinery in Lahaska, PA.
Vintage Garage Specialize in space-frame chassis repairs for British racing cars. Also provide support services at selected vintage races.
Brabham Owners Site The site is a place to buy or sell Brabham cars and spares, and participate in chat sessions about anything to do with Brabham race cars. The folks running it are located in Sydney, Australia and also manufacture Brabham spares.
Lola Champ Cars This site helps those looking to buy, sell, and rent Lola Indy/Champ cars and engines for vintage racing.

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