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Mid-Ohio SCCA Runoffs®, 2005 Thumbnails

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Getting Starting

Start of the HP Race Thumbnail
Wet Beginning
Start of the F500 Race Thumbnail
Buzzing Bees
Start of the T2 Race Thumbnail
Ran Out Of Room
Start of the FF Race Thumbnail
Wrong Start
Mike Sauce's Damaged Car on Hook in FF Race Thumbnail
Result Of Bad Start
Start of the SRF Race Thumbnail
Clean Start

E Production Controversy

Initial Contact At Start Of EP Race Thumbnail
Initial Hit
RX-7 Begins To Head Off Course in EP Race Thumbnail
Heading Off
RX-7 Leaves The Track in EP Race Thumbnail
Aiming For A Big Hit
The Destroyed RX-7 After Controversial EP Start Thumbnail
Destroyed Cars After EP Start Thumbnail
EP Bone Yard

Spills and Thrills

Chad Gilsinger Upside Down in SSC Race Thumbnail
Topsy Turvy
Multicar Crash in GT1 Race Thumbnail
Glen Cooper's Damaged Car in DSR Race Thumbnail
Nose Job
Bill Johnson in Gravel Trap in FC Race Thumbnail
Two AS Cars About to Crash Thumbnail
Prelude to a Crash
Mike Henderson Spinning in GT3 Race Thumbnail
Spinning Rotary

Eric Butze's Damaged Car in GT3 Race Thumbnail
Two FVs in Gravel Trap Thumbnail
Vee Collision
Spinning and Damaged Rob Hines in T2 Race Thumbnail
Nissan Debris
Robert Futcher's Damaged Car in FP Race Thumbnail
British Scrape
Fred Edwards Getting Out of Damaged Car in F500 Race Thumbnail
John Salisbury Missing Hood in HP Race Thumbnail
Look Ma, No Hood

Front Runners

SSB Winner Toby Grahovec in Action Thumbnail
SSB Winner
S2000 Winner Marc Walker in Action Thumbnail
Sports 2000 Winner
T1 Winner John Heinricy in Action Thumbnail
Multiple Champion
FA Winner Graham Rahal in Action Thumbnail
In The Genes
Brian Novak in F500 Race Thumbnail
Early Leader
Leaders Battle in T2 Race Thumbnail
Winning Pass

Ricardo Vassmer in FC Race Thumbnail
Majority Leader
DSR Winner Mark Jaremko in Action Thumbnail
DSR Winner
SSC Leaders in Action Thumbnail
SSC 1-2
FV Winner Brad Stout in Action Thumbnail
Formula Vee Winner
FP Winner Mark Hotchkis in Action Thumbnail
F Production Winner
SRF Winner Joe Colasacco Checking His Mirrors Thumbnail
Don't Look Back

Oldies But Goodies

Boris Tirpack in GT1 1968 Corvette Thumbnail
Ole Reliable
Jonathan McGrew in FP MG B GT Thumbnail
MG Sedan
Tom Patton in GT2 Sunbeam Tiger Thumbnail
Cult Following
David Strittmatter in FP Lancia Scorpion Leading Eric Prill in FP Lotus Super 7 Thumbnail
Italian and British Opposites
Matt Brannon in HP FIAT Bertone X1/9 Thumbnail
The X1/9 -- A Love Hate Relationship
Dave Wietzenhof in FC Citation 95SF Thumbnail
The Venerable Citation


Canopy Appearing As Wing on Mike Canney GT1 Corvette Thumbnail
New Fangled Wing?
DSR Winner Mark Jaremko Doing Donuts Thumbnail
Two SSC Cars Lifting Wheels Thumbnail
Synchronized Lifting
PA/Radio Announcer Rusty Bell in GTL in Toyota Tercel Thumbnail
Racing Announcer
DSR Thomas Becker w/Interesting Sponsor Thumbnail
Interesting Sponsor
Tim Remmers FV w/Face on Front Thumbnail
Vee Face

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